The Transformer: where all the magic begins!

outdoor lighting transformer

The transformer for outdoor lighting installation is the device that step down high voltage current 120V to 12V for outdoor lighting fixtures consumption.

High Voltage is 120V.

Low Voltage is 12V.

The Outdoor Lighting system and exterior lights fixtures that we install are Low Voltage; that means that we need to use a transformer to be able to use lighting fixtures that use 12V current. If, let say, we try to use a fixture with high voltage 120V, we will burn the bulb, wire and the whole fixture.

Tranfomer outdoor lighting recessed lights

Usually we install the transformer at the side of your home and then we do the digging to install all the wire. Sometimes, we install the transformer in different locations-garage, backyard, etc- due to a need we can have or because the layout is better in that way.

The transformer is responsible as the electronic element to supply all the low voltage current to all fixtures installed in your home. To control the lights On/Off we install a timer inside the transformer and then you can create a schedule to be working at your please.

Benefits of Low Voltage Lighting

  • Safety. Due to the significantly lower voltage 12V running through the light wires, low voltage lighting is much, much safer to use. If you have spaces for example where kids play, is way better to install low voltage fixtures surrounding those areas for safety. Another example is around pools. Water and electricity ARE NOT GOOD FRIENDS!
  • Versatility. A lower voltage means bulbs can be smaller, which also means lighting designs can be more varied and creative. ...
  • Flexibility. Low voltage wires can be installed with more options, giving you more flexibility to install lights in different locations as you want and controlling them in just one place-the transformer.
  • Saving money. With low voltage lights you reduce 70% less the cost of your electricity bill.
  • Quality. The quality of the output bulb light is nicer.