Moonlight installations

Install Moonlights in your trees

Light up your outdoor space with the ethereal glow of moonlights! 

Moonlight installation lights


Spread the beautiful effect of the moonlights in a different way

We believe every outdoor space should be a source of inspiration and serenity.

With our high-quality moonlight fixtures and expert installation, you can bring the enchantment of the moon to your own backyard. From selecting the right moonlight fixtures to strategically placing them for the perfect locations to create a maximum beautiful impact in your loved space.

Downlights installation

Whether you prefer subtle and understated lighting or a more dramatic and eye-catching display, moonlights can be tailored to meet your needs. Say goodbye to dull nights and embrace the soothing glow of moonlights in your outdoor oasis.


Create a nice area illuminated by Moonlights

Moonlights installation services


Control your lights with your phone

Set Up schedules and control On/Off in a easy way


You'll Love the Result.

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