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Outdoor Lighting in Houston Texas

Transform your Home in Houston, Texas!

Texans Outdoor Lighting® Company has been providing Outdoor Lighting Installations in Houston, Texas for many many years. We have been serving a lot of homeowners to transform their home into something nice & elegant with the installation of exterior lights, landscape lights & recessed lights.


Outdoor Lighting installation for any location in Houston

Yes!  We have been installing Outdoor Lighting from one side to the other side of Houston's Areas. From Sugar Land to Katy, from Cypress to West University or Memorial to Lake Jackson, or any other location area in Houston.


Outdoor Lighting Services in Houston

If you're looking to install Outdoor Lighting for your home in Houston, illuminate your pathways, highlight your landscaping, or create a warm and inviting lighting ambiance for your spaces, our outdoor lighting team of experts are here to work with you. With hundred of Outdoor Lighting installations in Houston & experience in outdoor lighting design and installation, we can bring your vision to life and enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor areas & loved spaces.

Outdoor Lighting installation in Houston

Yes! We offer Outdoor Lighting installations in any location in Houston


Outdoor Lighting Experts in Houston

Our skilled technicians will work closely with you to understand your preferences, goals &  style, then we will create together a customized lighting plan tailored to your specific needs. From energy-efficient LED lighting to stylish fixtures that complement your home's aesthetic, we offer a wide range of outdoor lighting options here in Houston to suit every project you have in mind. 


Outdoor Lighting experts in Houston



The best Outdoor Lighting fixtures

for the tough weather conditions in Houston!

According to Wikipedia, the climate of Houston is classified as a Humid subtropical climate, with tropical influences. That's why we only use Premium Outdoor Lighting products, so you can have the best experience & performance in your new outdoor lighting installation.

Premium Outdoor Lighting installation

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