Premium Outdoor Lighting

Texans Outdoor Lighting® will nicely transform your home by
installing Premium Outdoor Lighting products, expertise & nice designs.

We specialize in Outdoor Lighting Installation for Homes


Transform your Home Beautiful!

outdoor lighting installation

Outdoor Lighting Company in Houston


 Outdoor lighting installation

for your beautiful landscape sections

Outdoor lighitng for flower beds

Light installation for flower beds, walkways, driveways, spotlights for trees,

around pools, patios, fences, and much more in your home.



Transform your home different!

Recessed lights

Recessed Lights installation?

Recessed Lights, Ceiling Lights, or Soffit Lights

is a nice & modern different way to create a beautiful light effect

shining your home coming from a hole in the top ceiling locations.

It is a new trending way to highlight your home. Read more



Celebrating 85 Years of Amazing Success!

Kichler premium products

Outdoor lighting in Houston

Why we install Kichler Premium products?

Premium lighting Products for your installation!  Read more


Top or Bottom?

Why Not Both Together!

Combine your sections even better.

Texans Outdoor Lighting installations

Recessed Soffit Lights & Landscape Lights Combined

You'll Love the Result!


When you combine Recessed Lights & landscape lights,

you get a different & amazing result!  Read More


Just Imagine the beautiful result...

Why we install Kichler?


Play Video & Discover why we install Kichler

premium products in your installation.

Kichler Premium Products

*** Lifetime Warranty in all Transformers and all LED fixtures * 3 Year warranty in all LED Bulbs *** 

Transform Your Loved Spaces

Create something beautiful with Outdoor Lighting!


Transform Your Backyard

Outdoor lighting for backyards

Add exterior outdoor Lights for Pools, patios, trees, gazebos, and more...

The options are unlimited! Read More


Transform Your flower beds

outdoor lighting for flower beds

Combine your sections, create a nice layout, use a beautiful light color &

get an attractive  outdoor lighting result on those beautiful areas!



Transform Your fence

outdoor lighting for fences

fence lighting is amazing!

When you install exterior lights to your fence, you create a beautiful result.

You totally transforms that backyard sections of your home.

Also extend the use of those available areas &

enjoy with your family. Read More


Transform Your beauty trees.

outdoor lighting for trees

Create a 360 perspective light effect on trees. Read more

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your vision and

recommend the best lighting options that suit your style.



Transform Your loved property 

outdoor lighting company in Houston

outdoor lighting company in Houston

Create something different!

Experience the difference that exceptional outdoor lighting company & installation

can make in your beautiful home and your loved spaces. 


Fixtures of the Month

Flame Outdoor lighting fixtures Houston

Create a nice flame effect with these low voltage beautiful products by Texans!

copper smith landscape lighting products Houston



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Outdoor Lighting Specialists

We don't do paving, lawn care, concrete, irrigation, etc

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Outdoor Lighting Specialists

Yes, we only focus in  Outdoor Lighting.



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