Outdoor Lighting Company near me.

If you are thinking to find an Outdoor Lighting company near to your living area...

YES! We are!

Texans Outdoor Lighting company is located in Houston, Texas and is committed to provide the best in lighting products, great warranties, and a professional installation. We serve and install outdoor lighting in all Houston areas and locations like Cypress, Katy, Lake Jackson, Sugar Land, Pearland, Pasadena, Nasa, Magnolia, Missouri City, Richmond, and more locations.

One of our most famous installation service:

Recessed lights & Spotlights Combination

We install recessed lights, also known as soffit lights or ceiling lights.

We combine them with landscape lights in the grounds.

You create something totally different!

Recessed Lights installation companyIn the image above,we installed recessed lights in top sections, and we combined them with lights installed in the ground sections. As you can see, the result is amazing!

We believe that recessed lights are a special kind of fixtures that gives your home an special , attractive & different looking. 


Installing recessed lights is very interesting.

1. First, we see your home's design and check for the best sections to install this lights.

2. The best sections are those that the effect and the location of the light will be more attractive and subtle.

3. We try to as much as we can to combine them, installing lights in the bottom sections. That combination will reduce the saturation in the top sections and will create a better balance.

4. We recommend to install few of them to achieve a nice and elegant result.

5. We install the wire from the attic when they are accessible, and use a different technique when no access from the attic is possible. 

6. Install few lights in short sections to look simple and clean.

7. We connect all the fixtures to the transformer and we are able to control them using a timer by creating schedules.

Transform your Home Different!