Combine your sections!

Recessed and Landscape lights

If you are considering installing Outdoor Lighting in your home, the options are unlimited. There are different ways to accent sections, objects, trees, palms , fixtures and designs to accomplish that. One of our most famous design that our clients loved is recessed lights -also known as soffit lights or ceiling lights- in where we combine lights that we install in top sections and lights that are located in bottom sections or elements of the landscape.

Installation: Sienna Plantation, TX. Year 2022.

recessed lights installation Houston

As you can see in this installation, we installed recessed lights in the top sections and also we installed lights in the bottom sections for the fence, for the trees located aside of the pool and the corners.

When you combine top & bottom you get a nicer result!

The synergy of those elements located in different sections-top, bottom, around pool, trees, fence-create a better result and gives you a nicer experience at night looking at your home.

Exterior lights installed on trees

Recessed lights installation company Houston

Lights for the FENCE

Recessed installation Houston

Integrate and create a much beautiful result in your home!