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Outdoor Lighting in Houston

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Are you tired of living in the shadows every night? Brighten up your home and create the ambiance you've always dreamed of with one of the best Outdoor Lighting company in Houston.

At Texans Outdoor Lighting, we specialize in transforming spaces with our wide range of high-quality Outdoor Lighting products & solutions.


We work closely with our clients to design customized lighting plans that perfectly complement their unique needs and preferences.


Outdoor lighting installation in Houston and all its neighborhoods like Memorial, Greater Heights, Spring Branch, Fairbanks, Willowbrook, Eldridge, West Oaks, Alief, University Place, Kingwood, Lake Houston, and more.

Outdoor Lighting Services

Texans Outdoor Lighting Houston location

Outdoor Lighting services we offer:

Outdoor Lighting, Recessed lights, landscape lights, Color lighting, Smart Systems, Decking lighting, and much more low voltage options.


With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we can transform any space into a haven of light and beauty. 

Whether you're looking for elegant results, modern brass lights products, energy-efficient LED fixtures, or stylish your loved exterior landscaping spaces, we are more than happy to have a free meeting with you.


Our team of skilled Outdoor Lighting installers understands the importance of lighting in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 


Outdoor Lighting in Houston Location

Houston is a large metropolis in Texas, extending to Galveston Bay. It’s closely linked with the Space Center Houston, the coastal visitor center at NASA’s astronaut training and flight control complex. The city’s relatively compact Downtown includes the Theater District, home to the renowned Houston Grand Opera, and the Houston Historic District, with 19th-century architecture and upscale restaurants. We have been installing Outdoor Lighting in all Houston areas relating to all this beautiful places.


Some Outdoor Lighting options:

Exterior lights installation for flower beds

We install Outdoor Lighting in flower beds using different kind of fixtures

Outdoor Lighting Installation in Houston Location


Landscape lights installation for pools

Install Landscape Lighting in your pool and add more visibility & safety

outdoor lighting for pools


Recessed Lights for the top of your home

Install Recessed Lights in your home if you want to create something DIFFERENT

Recessed lights installation


Landscape Lights for the walls of your home

Install spotlights to accent the walls & columns of your home

exterior lights for homes installation


and much more!

If you have a dream installing outdoor lighting in your home contact us today!


We'll love to talk with you.

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