Fence Lighting Installation

Transform your fence!

It is a nice way to highlight those beautiful areas surrounded by a fence.

Extend the use at night of those available areas in your home.

Fence Lights Installation


in Wood

Install exterior lights in a wood fence and create a beautiful result

Fence Lights Installation



in Stone

Stone is one of the elements that is amazing with lighting installed

Fence Lights installed in stone



around a pool

Special lights around a pool create a beautiful theme

Fence Lights installed around a pool



between trees

Create silhouette effect when you install lights between or behind trees

Fence Lights installed in trees


create a shadowing effect with trees

Locate the lights source in front or 45 degree to create a dramatic shadow

Fence Lights installation services


in top location

Invert the position of the fence lights to create a different approach

Lights for Fences


and much more creative ways!

Lights Installation in fences


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