Beautiful Outdoor Lighting installation in Cypress, Texas.

An amazing result in a beautiful home located in Cypress, Texas.

We installed recessed lights also known as soffit lights or down lights that are located in the top sections of the home. The effect of the lights is coming down creating a nice beautiful effect in the texture of the sections that sometimes is stucco, wood, brick or stone.

outdoor lighting installation in Cypress

We also installed lights in the bottom sections to create a nicer result. As you can see, when you combine top & bottom sections you create a way better result due to the lights are in a better balance and dont create a saturation either installing all of them in top or bottom sections.

If you want to create a nice result, the design and number of lights is very important. We think that less is more when you are considering to install recessed lights in your home.

Also we installed lights in the backyard sections. The result is amazing!!!

Our clients are so happy with this amazing result!

Recessed lights installation in Cypress, Texas

Cypress recessed lighting installation